High-quality DSL filters (single line, two line, wall mount, and alarm DSL filters) for broadband access over conventional telephone lines. Consider a VDSL2 splitter as an alternative setup for latest DSL speeds. With offices In San Diego and Boston we guarantee prompt service and shipping

lea networks dsl filters

LEA Filter Kit – SALE Qty 50: $45.00
LEA Filter Kit – SALE Qty 100: $85.00
LEA Filter Kit – Qty 500: $400.00

excelsus dsl filters - division of Pulse Electronics

Pulse Z-330PJ Filter – $6.00
Excelsus DSL filter
Pulse Z-300TJ Filter – $8.00
2wire dual DSL filter
2Wire 2 Line Filter – $15.00

Except for your DSL modem or wireless router, every telephone machine sharing the phone line that has DSL requires a filter.If filters are missing or not installed, you may experience reduced speeds as well as static or hissing on the telephone line. DSL filters are passive devices, requiring no power source to operate.

A DSL filter or microfilter is an analog low-pass filter installed between analog devices (such as telephones or analog modems) and a plain old telephone service (POTS) line, in order to prevent interference between such devices and a digital subscriber line (DSL) service operating on the same line.

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