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We provide high-quality DSL filters and splitters for broadband access over conventional telephone lines. Browse below for detailed information on our xDSL filters and VDSL2 splitter products or contact us if you would like help with a custom solution.DSL filters or VDSL2 splitters ensure the highest data rates and clearest phone conversations.

A DSL filter is an analog low-pass filter installed between analog devices (such as telephones or analog modems)to prevent interference between such devices and a digital subscriber line service operating on the same line. Without DSL filters, signals or echoes from analog devices at the top of their frequency range can result in reduced performance and connection problems with DSL service. DSL filters are passive devices, requiring no power source to operate.

Defective DSL Filters The usual symptom of a defective DSL filter is frequent DSL disconnects or slow internet speed, and the usual procedure to test for failed filters is to remove all filters from the telephone line leaving only the router and checking to see whether the DSL speed increased.

DSL filters that are cheaply made are prone to fail and therefore filters are a very common cause of problems on DSL connections. Internet service providers like AOL recommend changing the filters before they reach a year of service.Other ISPs recommend changing filters after six months or one and a half years. These DSL filters may fail due to faulty capacitors.Some filters instruct the user on their package to change them after six months of use